Не удается подключиться к pop3 или imap с помощью Dovecot

В моем соединении отказано. Примечание: я пытаюсь подключиться с локального хоста здесь.

Команда, которую я пытаюсь использовать для проверки:

user@hostname:~$ telnet localhost pop3
Trying ::1...
telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection refused

Та же ошибка, когда я пытаюсь использовать imap.

dovecot wiki предлагает поиск и устранение неисправностей, однако я уже пробовал исправления. У меня есть протоколы, добавленные в конфигурации, и у меня опция прослушивания установлена ​​на *. Мой конфиг ниже. Я не уверен, что не так? ## Файл конфигурации Dovecot

# If you're in a hurry, see http://wiki2.dovecot.org/QuickConfiguration

# "doveconf -n" command gives a clean output of the changed settings. Use it
# instead of copy&pasting files when posting to the Dovecot mailing list.

# '#' character and everything after it is treated as comments. Extra spaces
# and tabs are ignored. If you want to use either of these explicitly, put the
# value inside quotes, eg.: key = "# char and trailing whitespace  "

# Default values are shown for each setting, it's not required to uncomment
# those. These are exceptions to this though: No sections (e.g. namespace {})
# or plugin settings are added by default, they're listed only as examples.
# Paths are also just examples with the real defaults being based on configure
# options. The paths listed here are for configure --prefix=/usr
# --sysconfdir=/etc --localstatedir=/var

# Enable installed protocols
!include_try /usr/share/dovecot/protocols.d/*.protocol
protocols = pop3 pop3s imap imaps
pop3_uidl_format = %08Xu%08Xv

# A comma separated list of IPs or hosts where to listen in for connections.
# "*" listens in all IPv4 interfaces, "::" listens in all IPv6 interfaces.
# If you want to specify non-default ports or anything more complex,
# edit conf.d/master.conf.
#listen = *, ::

# Base directory where to store runtime data.
#base_dir = /var/run/dovecot/

# Name of this instance. Used to prefix all Dovecot processes in ps output.
#instance_name = dovecot

# Greeting message for clients.
#login_greeting = Dovecot ready.

# Space separated list of trusted network ranges. Connections from these
# IPs are allowed to override their IP addresses and ports (for logging and
# for authentication checks). disable_plaintext_auth is also ignored for
# these networks. Typically you'd specify your IMAP proxy servers here.
#login_trusted_networks =

# Sepace separated list of login access check sockets (e.g. tcpwrap)
#login_access_sockets =

# Show more verbose process titles (in ps). Currently shows user name and
# IP address. Useful for seeing who are actually using the IMAP processes
# (eg. shared mailboxes or if same uid is used for multiple accounts).
#verbose_proctitle = no

# Should all processes be killed when Dovecot master process shuts down.
# Setting this to "no" means that Dovecot can be upgraded without
# forcing existing client connections to close (although that could also be
# a problem if the upgrade is e.g. because of a security fix).
#shutdown_clients = yes

# If non-zero, run mail commands via this many connections to doveadm server,
# instead of running them directly in the same process.
#doveadm_worker_count = 0
# UNIX socket or host:port used for connecting to doveadm server
#doveadm_socket_path = doveadm-server

# Space separated list of environment variables that are preserved on Dovecot
# startup and passed down to all of its child processes. You can also give
# key=value pairs to always set specific settings.
#import_environment = TZ

## Dictionary server settings

# Dictionary can be used to store key=value lists. This is used by several
# plugins. The dictionary can be accessed either directly or though a
# dictionary server. The following dict block maps dictionary names to URIs
# when the server is used. These can then be referenced using URIs in format
# "proxy::".

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Сообщение Невозможно подключиться ... Соединение отказано настоятельно рекомендует, чтобы Dovecot не прослушивал порт 110. Проверьте, что dovecot действительно работает с использованием

ps -A | grep dovecot

. Если это так, проверьте что он прослушивает порт POP:

sudo lsof -i 4 -a -p $(ps -A | grep dovecot | awk '{ print $1 }')

Если это так, убедитесь, что на пути нет брандмауэра.

Если выясняется, что dovecot не работает или не прослушивает порт POP, значит, вы, вероятно, неправильно настроили dovecot. Проверьте dovecot и системные журналы на наличие ошибок. Изучите конфигурацию голубятни как вывод dovecot -n.

Скорее всего, вы неправильно настроили директиву protocols или директиву listen.

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